Test Your Energy IQ

Answers follow the questions:

1. For which jobs are microwave ovens used most?

 Defrosting frozen foods

 Cooking meals

 Reheating foods

 Preparing snacks

2. Microwave ovens are currently found in what percentage of all U.S. Homes?




3. Almost all of us use ovens for cooking. What percentage are electric?




4. How many gallons of hot water does the typical dishwasher use during a normal cycle?




5. Ceiling fans are currently found in what percentage of U.S. homes?

 10 to 15%

 25 to 30%

 50 to 55%

6. Switching to fluorescent lighting can save consumers a lot of money. How much money could Americans save collectively each year if we all made the switch to efficient lighting?


 $ 1 million

 $750 million

7. Energy-efficient lighting can reduce home electricity demand up to what percent?




8. In a family of four, if each member takes one 10-minute shower a day using a standard shower head, how many gallons of water will the family use a year?

 13,000 gallons

 73,000 gallons

 150,000 gallons

9. How much does the typical family spend in a year to run its electric home appliances?

 $100 to $300

 $400 to $1,000

 $1,100 to $1,500

10. How many gallons of gasoline does a typical driver use each year?

 1,070 gallons

 3,500 gallons

 5,100 gallons

11. What percent of home heat is lost up an open chimney flue after a fire has died in the fireplace?




12. Industry consumes what percent of the total energy used in the United States?




13. Which renewable energy source generates the most electricity?

 Wind power


 Solar power

14. What energy source provides more than half of the electricity in the U.S.?



 Natural gas

15. What is the nation’s most plentiful energy source?




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Answers1. Cooking meals2. 84%3. 63%4. 14 gallons5. 50 to 55%6. $750 million7. 75%8. 73,000 gallons9. $400 to $1,00010. 1,07011. 10%12. 36%13. Hydropower14. Coal15. Coal

U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Public and Consumer Affairs, Consumer and Public Liaison, Energy Information Administration 

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