Comfort Connection was born out of chance. By the late 1990s, our founder, Steven Conner, had already been an entrepreneur in a few other industries and ventures, including machining and fabrication. When he entered the world of HVAC, he saw a few things that concerned him.

First, the industry seemed filled with blind spots, which made it easy, and all too common, for consumers to be taken advantage of. Ask yourself: How much do you know about your furnace or AC unit? The average home owner doesn’t think twice about their HVAC until something goes wrong. Steven saw this as a challenge, and made it a priority to educate home owners as best he could.

Secondly, Steven noticed that the industry was short on legitimate checks and balances. Competing bids would be all over the place, every salesman told a different story, and no single HVAC installer or repair outfit seemed willing to step up for the sake of homeowners and consumers. The more entrenched he became, the more he aligned his process with the needs of customers.

For these reasons, he founded Comfort Connection, and built a team that focuses on professionalism, providing level-headed solutions, and helping homeowners solve immediate needs, while also planning for the future.

What you’ll find with Comfort Connection:

  • We listen to you. Your actual situation determine the process and workflow we follow.
  • We provide true estimates, not high-pressured sales jobs.
  • We make ourselves available to answer your questions.
  • We don’t believe that “buy new equipment” is always the answer.
  • We analyze your needs, and work with you to find the right solution.

Find out what Comfort Connection can do for you. Contact us today.

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