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Duct work imageThe quality of your ductwork matters when comes to getting the most out of your furnace. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to worry about your home’s ducts at all. However, we see plenty of cases where faulty ductwork puts a drain on even the most efficient furnace and heating system.

There can be a number of reason why your ductwork doesn’t work properly. The ducts could be poorly sized or designed. Or the crew that installed them didn’t do a good job.

Comfort Connection makes sure your ducts are operating at full capacity, so you can get the most out of your furnace or air conditioning unit. We also make sure that your ducts are contributing to great indoor air quality. 

Our ductwork services and solutions include: 

  • Duct cleaning:

The professionals who clean your ductwork should use a truck-mounted duct cleaning system. Otherwise, they might just be stirring up dust. For duct cleaning, we bring in trusted partners to make sure the job happens the right way.

  • Ductwork repairs and fabrication: 

We custom fabricate sheet metal ductwork in order to modify and enhance the performance of your duct system. Even if your entire duct system needs to be replaced, we can design and fabricate a new system quickly and efficiently.

  • Ductwork rebalancing:

One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is that their existing duct system is not well designed. This can lead to hot and cold areas in the home, especially a much hotter second floor in the summer. Your main floor might be perfect, but your basement will feel like a meat locker, and your upper floor will become a sweat lodge.

To solve these problems, we use innovative balancing solutions, everything from duct booster fans, to dampers, air scoops, and a complete resizing and reconfiguration of existing ducts. We work with you, and the reality of your home, to decide the best way forward.

An annual maintenance plan can help you avoid issues related to your heating and cooling, including your ducts. Find out more about Comfort Connection Maintenance Plans.

Are you dealing with an indoor air quality situation, or furnace inefficiencies right now? The problem could be your ductwork. Contact Comfort Connection today.

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