‘Better’ is a subjective word. Maybe you want ‘better’ air quality. Perhaps another HVAC contractor told you it’s time to invest in ‘better’ equipment, and you want a second opinion. Do you need ‘better’ consistency when it comes to how your house heats up, or cools down? Or, maybe you want something ‘better’ for your pocketbook.

No matter how you define ‘better,’ we give you the time and space to tell us exactly what ‘better’ means in your situation. Then, we work together to find the way forward on your behalf. Some of the ways we bring ‘better’ into your home and property include:

  • Better solutions

Even though we’re a certified Bryant installer and contractor, we’re prepared to work on any existing furnace or AC unit in your home. We trust Bryant’s equipment and reputation, and embody their mission to do whatever it takes to serve the customer.

Still, even the best system in the world will be ineffective if the wrong people install it. That’s why we focus on the level of service and professionalism we bring into your home.

  • Better prices and options

We don’t price gouge, upsell, or try to convince you that the sky will fall if you don’t invest in new equipment. Instead, we work with you at your pace, and help guide you toward solutions that fit your budget, your needs, and the goals you have for your air quality and indoor environment.

In addition, we offer some of the best warranties in the HVAC business. These include:

10-year parts warranty.
3-year labor warranty (the industry standard is a 1-year labor warranty).
A reduced labor rate for repairing equipment after the warranty has expired.

  • Better response time

Patience comes into play when people have the luxury of planning ahead, before the start of the hot or cold seasons. There are also situations that call for immediate responses, like when your furnace stops working in the middle of the night in the dead of winter, or your AC unit drops dead in the summer heat. In cases such as these, we do everything we can to address your issues right away. Plus, with an annual Maintenance Plan, you move to the top of our queue if an urgent situation comes up.

  • Better follow-up and follow-through

Ideally, a new furnace or AC unit should come with a sense of “set it and forget it.” After all, when you invest good money to improve any part of your home—especially the air you breathe—the last thing you want is to have to call the technicians to come back and take care of something they missed. Once we finish a project at your home, we’ll check in with you a few days later to make sure things are running smoothly, and that you are satisfied with our work, and the performance of your HVAC equipment. After that, we make ourselves available to answer any questions that you may have related to your new unit.

We want you to be comfortable, and stay comfortable. That’s a key piece of what ‘better’ means to us. What does better mean for you right now?

How would you like us to help make things better for the future of your home? Contact Comfort Connection today.