Air Conditioning



When it comes to air conditioning, needs can vary quite a bit. However, when an air conditioning system goes out in the summer, it’s more than just an inconvenience. It can be a serious, or even life-threatening situation, especially when a newborn or a senior live in your home.

In these situations, our work often comes down to answering a few critical questions at the start:

  • How quickly do you need us to solve the situation?
  • What will work best for you from a cost perspective?
  • What long-term concerns do you have?
  • How will an upgrade impact other plans you have for your home?

As with furnaces, we’re a certified Bryant air conditioning installer and contractor. However, we can service and repair any type of air conditioning unit that you rely on. Bryant’s air conditioners are some of the most cost-effective in the industry, and we have trusted their brand’s reputation for years.

Our year-round air conditioning and cooling services include:

  • High efficiency air conditioner installation, service and repair
  • Heat pump installation, service and repair
  • Cleaning and servicing condensate drain lines
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air purification / sterilization
  • Home protection, including smoke alarms & CO detectors
  • Duct repair / reroute / modification / balancing
  • Whole house dehumidification
  • WiFi / smartphone thermostats
  • Residential zoning systems
  • Ductless mini-split heating & cooling solutions
  • Filter replacement

With an annual maintenance plan, you can stay ahead of issues that might affect your heating and your air conditioning/cooling systems at the same time. Find out more about Comfort Connection Maintenance Plans.

Are you dealing with an air condition and cooling issue right now? Contact Comfort Connection today.