Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth and regrowth. The weather shifts as snow melts, temperatures grow warmer, flowers and plants bloom, and humidity and precipitation levels increase. This switch from winter to spring is also marked by spring cleaning. A widely recognized phenomenon practiced by many, it provides an excellent opportunity to focus on your home’s spring indoor air quality.

Spring Season and IAQ
The spring season is a difficult period for indoor air quality because of environmental shifts as well as the changes we make in our own homes and living habits. It’s important to maintain good indoor air quality or work to actively improve it during this transition period.

Spring looks a bit different for everyone depending on where you live and the local climate. Regardless of specific plants, grasses and flowers in your area, one thing is true—pollen levels are up! Pollen is the number one spring season allergen. And outdoor allergens impact indoor air quality. They enter the home through open windows and doors or are brought in on clothes and shoes. Because spring is such a tumultuous time for outdoor air—it’s crucial to both monitor indoor air quality and intervene in your space.

Spring Cleaning Tips
Spring cleaning is an incredibly helpful process. It even benefits your home’s indoor air quality. That is, so long as you are aware of the many ways spring and spring cleaning impacts indoor air and are careful during the process. A deep clean done well removes dust and particles from your living spaces and airs out damp winter areas without worsening air quality. Consider these seven spring cleaning tips that keep indoor air quality in mind!

1. Keep Allergens Out of the Home
Hay fever, or seasonal allergies, is a common springtime affliction. Asthma and allergy sufferers certainly understand the difficulties of increased allergens in the air. Even if you don’t have allergies, increased outdoor pollutants lowers overall air quality.

Keeping allergens and air pollutants out of the home in the first place is ideal. Especially when spring cleaning means airing out damp and dusty spots of the home and moving things around—adding dust and indoor air pollutants to the space. A helpful fix? When outside pollen or allergen levels are high, stay indoors with windows and doors closed as often as possible. Also, make sure to remove shoes and outer jackets before entering the home.

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